I was preparing to shout at the computer … again

I bumped into this article on the Beeb today. I was preparing myself to be angry with some journo who isn’t one of the millions and millions (and millions) of people on this planet who have found that their lives, health and well being is better without gluten.

The great gluten-free diet fad

But actually it’s a pretty balanced view, from one end of the spectrum to the other. I’m not sure why it is that this particular issue has to be so black and white – coeliac or not coeliac. I’m also not sure why it is that the naysayers think that I would follow this diet out of choice. It is nutritionally limiting, socially painful and downright embarrassing when you can see yet another waiter labelling you as some kind of fashion food fadder or gullible nitwit.

Surely we can’t all be wrong?


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