EVERYTHING in moderation; everything in MODERATION

pythagorean cup

Pythagorean cup, Nevit Dilmen

Personally, I like this idiom, in terms of using it to direct healthy choices in a well-balanced diet. I’m not sure this ethos is particularly help for weight loss, and certainly not for those of us on a restricted culinary regimen. But, applying it to things that you can actually eat, I think it pretty succinctly says 2 things about eating that we as a culture seem to have lost our way with:

Everything in MODERATION

My interpretation here is: portion control. It’s not news that the size of everything from:

has increased in size over the past few decades. But I didn’t realise that I’d been doing it at home as well! A portion of pasta (uncooked) is about 55g. Go on, weigh it out. It doesn’t look like much. How much you use should also depend on the type of sauce that you’re adding to it. A British-style Bolognese might warrant a little less, but if you’re going for broccoli and anchovy, perhaps a little more.

So I always TRY to think about how much:

  • I’m putting the pan when I’m cooking
  • I’m plating up when I serve
  • I’m taking out of the packet when I’m snacking

Or think about it this way, if you don’t apply Everything in MODERATION you won’t have space to apply EVERYTHING in moderation

Note: Be especially careful of gluten-free and other free-from products. I find that they can be much higher in sugar and fat, and lower in wholegrains and fibre, resulting in a high calorie, high glycaemic index food.

EVERYTHING in moderation

EVERYTHING in moderation does NOT mean only have chips once a week. It means have potato chips this week; next week have polenta chips; the week after make yourself some butternut squash waffles.

I’ve heard that in the UK, households on average rotate the same 7 dinner dishes, week in, week out. Seven? That is not the variety of nutrition. Eat the rainbow! Eat everything! Experiment with ingredients you wouldn’t normally buy. It will open up your mealtimes like you wouldn’t believe, and hopefully increase the nutritional value of your diet.


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