When good enough is good enough

I heard this maxim recently, applied to help a team (yes, all of us) of introverts get over the hurdle of an implemented project not being entirely perfect – I know at least half of you understand that feeling! It definitely helped us become comfortable with the situation.

80 per cent of something ...

It got me thinking (as usual) about when “good enough” is:

  • the wise choice for the sake of expediency, cost and the benefit of others
  • forsaking your ambitions or capability, eg where would Serena Williams be without the relentless training to perfect her back hand?

But it also made me realise that my approach to cooking is very much about what I find to be an acceptable balance of:

  • Cost: time, money, effort
  • Gain: flavour, presentation, appreciation

Cost vs Gain

So the dish is “good enough” when the amount of extra cost required doesn’t lead to an appreciable gain. And then it stops being fun and I can’t have that! As it turns out, my mum was right. I am a bit of a lazy blighter, and the recipes that I devise are always ones with the biggest gain for the smallest cost. Both delicious and easy? Yes, please!
My new vegetarian pasta book will be out soon. All the recipes are really easy and for the most part can be done in the time it takes for the pasta to cook! Catch a preview here: TOSS


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