Flapjacks (that’s the oat bar kind, not pancakes) were always a family favourite when I was little. I love them in so many ways:

1. So easy to make

There are only 6 steps – 1 is for prep and 3 are about baking!

2. Versatile for special diets

 Ingredient   Gluten-free  Vegan, vegetarian,  dairy-free  Low FODMAP
Butter Any Margarine, eg Nuttelex Any
Sugar Any Any White table sugar
Syrup Any Use molasses for extra iron (Vegan: not honey) Maple syrup
Oats Use certified gluten-free oats* Any Any
Nuts & seeds Any Any Any
Fruit Any Any Candied peel or stem ginger (always check the ingredients first)

* This, as with a lot of food intolerances, is dependant on the consumer. Some cultivars of oat are known to be safe for coeliacs, however much of the issue arises because oat crops become contaminated with wheat and other gluten-containing cereals. Do your research if you’re feeding these to other people! Wikipedia: Oats and Coeliac disease

3. Flavour combinations

I love that the flavour combinations are limited only by your imagination. What about:

  • Cranberry with white chocolate drizzle
  • Stem ginger and sesame
  • Dried apricot and almonds
  • Pecan and dark chocolate drizzle
  • Raisin and hazelnut
  • Dried mango and coconut … I wonder if you could replace the butter with coconut oil … ?

Late addition thanks to Dylan Moran at the Melbourne Arts Centre last night: Bacon flapjacks … may be with a little maple syrup? Not as crazy as you might think …

4. Nutritious

Oats are the primordial super-food. Not only to they contain plenty of soluble fibre but also β glucans which have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol.

Combine their superpowers with the protein, good fats and essential minerals from those nuts and seeds and you can just about pretend that these flapjacks are healthy.

(What fat and sugar? I can’t hear you! La la la laaa!)

5. Good shelf life

In fact, they get better over time. Put them in a tin and hide them on a high shelf for 3-5 days. They sort of relax and become soft and caramelly. Do let me know if you manage to successfully hide a batch of flapjacks for 5 days …

6. Freakin’ delicious!

Nuff said.

So here’s my mum’s recipe: Fabulous flapjack

Enjoy, x


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