Upping my culinary game

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I currently have the luxury and privilege of time. This is not something I take for granted. Not a single second of it. I’m trying to put every moment of this limited precious to its full use. So, one of the schemes that I’ve recently come up with is ‘gourmet dinner’ nights. (This, of course, flies in the face of When good enough is good enough, but sometimes you’ve got to push yourself in the kitchen!)

I’m not very good at following recipes. (Yep, I know, you don’t have to tell me.) I have loads of beautiful cookery books, which I scour relentlessly and repeatedly. And then I put the books down and off I toddle to the kitchen, with a thought, a taste, a texture in mind, that I hope to (re?)create. Things don’t always goes as I planned … This, I learned recently, is the same way my auntie cooks, but definitely not my mum.

So I’m hoping that that I can:

  • Improve my culinary skills
  • Broaden my palate
  • Learn how to take instruction (bah ha ha ha haaa!)

I recently became the proud owner of Huxtabook, by Daniel Wilson of Huxtable. I’ve been lusting after this book for quite some time and, it seems, with just cause. I pretty much want to make every dish in it, food intolerances not withstanding.

So I want to cook from this book for Gourmet Night #1. I’ve chosen the dishes I’d like to make (and have already had to chastise myself several times when I started proposing changes to the recipes whilst I was still reading them!)

I will confess all deviations, but ones due to food intolerance won’t count against me.

I’ll let you know when I’ve set a date for this culinary adventure. It might take a while to psych myself up to this one …


4 thoughts on “Upping my culinary game

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