My second book is published!

Toss: Delicious Vegetarian Pasta


My next book, Toss: Delicious vegetarian pasta, is now out on Kindle Amazon! I had great fun making this one but will be pleased not to eat pasta, at least for a week or so 🙂  Pod: What to do with beans and pulses is also available.


2 thoughts on “My second book is published!

  1. Absolutely! There are a couple here: Courgette and tomato with mint is a really refreshing summer pasta; semi-dried tomato and olive gave a real and surprising depth of savoury flavour. I didn’t think either needed cheese at all.

    In the book, for a lot of the everyday dinners, you could just omit the parmesan but those that are great vegan include: bloody mary, braised pepper, caponata, fresh tomato with capers, pasta ‘normata’, roasted ratatouille, and easy romescu.

    I love toasted flaked almonds on pasta for an extra texture and flavour.


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