Is Skippy the ethical choice?


Oh, I hope my sister-in-law doesn’t see this. She’s a devout vegetarian and animal lover and I will be in big trouble.

Nevertheless, there’s no getting away from the fact that we human are omnivores by nature … that’s what our fangs are for! Some of us can get away with very little, or no animal products at all. But some of us need to eat meat to maintain our health. So if we’re going to eat meat then we should make the best choice we can.

When I’m buying meat, the factors that influence me, in no particular order, are something along the lines of:
• Taste, texture
• Animal rearing and slaughter
• Cost
• Nutrition
• Availability
• Environmental impact
• Habit

Yes, you can “go organic”, do Meatless Mondays, follow sustainable seafood recommendations but perhaps if there was a meat product that was:

• Lower cost
• Living wild and free, with no drugs
• Humanely despatched in situ
• High in iron, low in fat
• Sustainable
• Being culled in the name of conservation

Should we seriously be considering eating it?

I will be cooking kangaroo this week. Will you?


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