Gourmet night: transgressions and misdemeanours

Well, Gourmet Night #1 is complete. It was a fair amount of effort but I was learning all the way so didn’t feel like hard work. It probably helped that I was ridiculously well organised!

table setting

I promised that I would confess to my transgressions from the recipes, so here they are:

King prawn salad

Recipe followed! Good grief! Although I suspect that the thai basil I purchased is in fact your regular sweet basil – it doesn’t have a purple stem and the leaves are rounded. Hey ho …

Korean pork ribs

The recipe calls them ‘barbecued pork ribs’ – a little misleading as they never go anywhere near the BBQ

Some confessions here:

  • I hoiked a couple of gherkins out of an existing (shop-bought) jar and put them in the pickling liquid
  • Didn’t use Kewpie mayo – Australian mayo is so damn sweet already
  • Didn’t get any sriracha chilli sauce – I refuse to buy any more chilli condiments … it would bring the collection up to about 20 which I feel is more than enough for any man, even Mr. Eleanor
  • Used black not white pepper … cos that’s what was in the cupboard
  • Soy sauce was the gluten-free variety

Five-spice crispy quail

  • Spelt flour instead of wheat flour to dust the quail
  • Couldn’t find coconut vinegar or saw-tooth (Thai) coriander – in Glen Waverley?! I admit that I didn’t try very hard
  • Added some rice noodles to the mango salad for some carbs

Banana fritters

  • Used spelt flour for the batter; also thought it was way too wasteful to get rice flour just to use 1 tbsp so I omitted it
  • The coconut sorbet was a pig – I stuck to the recipe with the exception of using lacto-free milk but when it came to strain the solids from the liquid, the mix was so dense that it was virtually impossible and I was left with more solid than liquid. I couldn’t deal with that amount of waste so just chucked the coconut back in to churn. So it’s not smooth, who cares? It does still taste delicious
  • Sesame wafers even more ridiculous. As I suspected, the wafers spread so much in the oven that I was left with one giant wafer, rather than discrete circles. I may as well have just boiled it up in the pan and poured it on a sheet to set. Wouldn’t bother with black sesame seeds again – they taste horrid. I feel you should be able to make these just as well with 3 ingredients rather than 6!

sesame wafer

I’ll show you how the dishes actually turned out in the next post. Also, I couldn’t help myself – I’ve had a go at changing the recipes to make them a more realistic prospect for the home cook.


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