Huxtabook vs me!

So this is the upshot of my time spent in the company of Daniel Wilson’s Huxtabook.

King prawn salad with chilli pineapple, beansprouts and red curry dressing

thai red prawn saladAbsolutely delicious! Definitely on the hot side, but totally delicious

Korean barbecued pork ribs with spicy slaw and chilli gherkins

korean ribsThe ribs were really tender, but 10 hours of cooking will do that. They could have done with more contact time with the barbecue sauce.

Five-spice crispy quail with green mango salad, radish and cashews

five spice quail

This was Mr Eleanor’s favourite dish, but butchering those poor, tiny birds pushed me right to the edge

Banana fritters with coconut sorbet and sesame wafers

banana fritters

We were too full (and a little bit drunk!) to manage the banana fritters so I cooked them up the following day. It was an incredibly sweet dish, but I do love a bit of deep frying. You don’t get many opportunities when you’re a wheat-free zone! Yum!

Follow my Gourmet Night journey

One more post to go – I couldn’t help myself and had to have a go at changing the recipes to make them a little more practical for achieving at home.


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