Gourmet night: lessons learnt

Gourmet night was all about the learning, and it certainly achieved that. For a start, next time I’m going to choose recipes that use fewer ingredients.

Huxtabook, whilst a beautiful tome, is definitely focused on replicating the restaurant’s dishes, and doesn’t really take into account what cooking at home for us mere mortals is actually like. I reckoned the recipes could be easily replicated with a LOT less effort … so I’ve given it a go:

King prawn salad with pineapple
Korean ribs and chilli slaw
Five-spice … tofu!
Banana fritters with coconut sorbet and sesame wafers

I was seriously considering becoming a full-time veggie after having to eviscerate the quail. Don’t consider myself particularly out of touch with where my food comes from but that was a step too far. Hence the tofu … and now 2 of those recipes can be easily adapted to vegetarian or vegan.

Even though I cut the recipes by half to feed the 2 of us, I was left with quite a few unfinished salads and remaindered ingredients. But I put on my best zero waste hat and managed to cook up a storm in the following days: salads with grilled chicken, Korean chilli stir fry, so now I only have half a Chinese cabbage to deal with … I suppose I could pickle it?!

But the the best ever left-overs recipe? Coconut milk porridge with pineapple compote, sesame wafer pieces and rum sauce! Now that is a breakfast fit for a king!

Now which book shall I choose for Gourmet Night #2?


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