Cornbread goes sweet or savoury

Cornbread is a great carb option for dinner. It is ridiculously easy to make and can be easily adapted to be gluten free. I use spelt but any plain flour will work, including gluten free. You can also use 60g each polenta, plain flour and almond meal to up the protein content and keep it moist.

The cornbread first recipe I made was by a well-known, blue-eyed English baker. It was delicious, but I realised that the reason it was so delicious was because of the phenomenal amount of butter in it. It was 250 kcals for one tiny slice! So that was the first thing to go, and in doing so I halved the number of calories per slice!

Cherry and almond cornbread

Cherry and almond cornbread

What I hadn’t considered was the possibility of a sweet cornbread, until I bumped into a recipe for cherry cornmeal cake in Snog Healthy Treats Cookbook.

So now this is the most versatile cake/bread recipe, being completely open to any sweet or savoury combos that you could dream up!

(As an aside, to stop the dried fruit sinking, as I’ve so ably demonstrated above, dust them in a little plain flour before adding to the batter.)


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