The flavour of Christmas

Home-made mincemeat

This, my friends, is not some weird-looking chutney. This is the very nectar of Christmas; the Yuletide ambrosia. This is:

home-made mincemeat.

It took an entire 24 hours to make but, of that, only 40 minutes of my time – it quietly soaked, melted and cooled all by itself.

Anyone wishing to make it themselves should go and visit Auntie Delia. My version used grated hard vegetable fat as both suet and vegetarian suet come kindly dusted in the flour of the devil. Also I went a bit heavy on the cinnamon. Because I wasn’t reading the recipe. No surprises there.

Now I have a small conundrum. There’s a little bit leftover from filling the jars. Do I:

a) Stuff and bake a couple of apples and serve with a little ice cream for a delightful dessert this evening?

b) Stuff my face using the stirring spoon that’s still in the bowl and deny everything to Mr Eleanor?

Answers on a postcard.



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