wasabi tofu noodles

Sometimes you just know when you’ve done well, don’t you? This is what I made myself for lunch yesterday.

wasabi tofu noodles

buckwheat noodles and broccoli, on a bed of rocket and spinach, topped with crispy fried tofu, avocado, cashew and sesame, and a lime and wasabi dressing

It hits so many spots it’s just not funny. The noodles are slippery, soft and unctuous. Against that is the crunch of cashews. The sharp and bitey dressing makes the broccoli taste almost sweet (I know!) and the sesame seeds add a toasty aroma. And I slipped a little crispy fried summin’ summin’ in there too …. mmm mmmmmm!

Not only that but it’s gluten free*, vegan, and dairy free

*Make sure you use tamari and 100% buckwheat noodles – try Spiral Foods


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