Nearly finished

chocolate pear gingerbread

I’ve been in a cooking frenzy this week in an effort to get my third cook book, DIG: Cooking with roots and tubers, finished for publishing by the weekend. So I have plenty to share with you: Mexican frittata, beetroot burgers, roast parsnip and pear salad. But having looked at my blog stats, I know you all are suckers for a little bit of chocolate, so for your culinary pleasure I am happy to present:

chocolate and pear gingerbread

Another dark, dense, super-moist cake from the kitchen of TheO – plenty of ground ginger gives it some bite, and the stem ginger releases little pockets of floral aromatics. AND it contains fruit and vegetable! I think this would be great one for Christmas.

Had that for my breakfast … the diet’s going brilliantly …


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