Free-from Christmas

The biggest eating event on the year’s calendar is fast approaching. Are you hosting this year? I’m on Boxing Day duties where all the English relos are coming over for a traditional British Christmas dinner. Not my favourite thing when it’s 30 degrees outside but, well, what can you do? It’s what they all want. They are stuck in the past. On the other side of the planet. At least I get to go Aussie style for the big day itself.


Catering for a host of different food intolerances and choices might seem daunting but, because a Christmas lunch usually involves numerous dishes, with a little planning you can keep everyone happy without overloading yourself

Some tips and trips

  • Make the stuffing without gluten or nuts, and bake it separately, to broaden its audience – I’m planning a leek and apple stuffing
  • Miss out eggs and cheese to make your vegetarian option tick the vegan box too – what about a vegetable wellington?
  • Don’t forget that veggies like gravy too!
  • For a dairy free desert accompaniment , try cashew nut cream with your Christmas pud
  • Is there suet in your Christmas pudding? Don’t offer it to the veggies unless you know it was made with vegetarian suet!
  • Some folks have allergies to the sulphites used to preserve certain types of dried fruit so take care
  • Not everyone likes to get smashed on Christmas Day (?!), so offer a soft alternative
  • As best you can, try to cook each dish in a separate tray to reduce the risk of cross contamination

I’ll be sharing my menus for both Christmas Day and Boxing Day with you, so watch this space!


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