Korean ceviche

Korean food is so hot right now not least because of the rise of gochujang, the Korean fermented chilli paste.

This recipe is a Korean take on the Latin American classic ceviche, where raw fish is marinated in citrus juice. Don’t be tempted to leave the fish in lime juice for more than an hour as the proteins in the fish will begin to break down and it will ruin the texture, essentially by becoming  cooked by the citric acid. Is it of course essential to use the freshest possible fish so make sure you talk to your fishmonger!

Korean ceviche

korean ceviche

Mackerel, as a schooling fish lower down the food chain, would work well for this recipe but unfortunately I did not have that luxury and went with sustainable Tasmanian salmon.


Choosing a sustainable fish is a bit of a minefield, but there are some guides out there to help you navigate it safely and choose sensible replacements.

For Aussies: Sustainable table: Fish guide
For Brits: MSC Good Fish Guide

That it’s not difficult enough to make the right  choices when it comes to eating fish, I have found this really disappointing development in Australia:

Australian consumers to be kept in the dark on seafood origins

I, for one, would like to at least have this knowledge available so that I can make informed choices about what I put in my body, and how I impact the planet.

NB – Use tamari to make this recipe gluten free. The chilli paste should be gluten free, but always check the ingredients




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