Let the eating festival commence!

I hadn’t realised that it’s been quite so long since I last posted – I do apologise! I’ve been working like a demon to reach 50,000 words on my novel (Novel?? Am I really writing a novel???!)

Well, that target was hit at 1:21pm yesterday. So let the mince pie eating commence!

I have been doing a little Christmas prep on the side so the cupboards, fridge and freezer are well stocked ahead of the year-end eating festival

Mr Eleanor finished up this afternoon.  We’ll be having beers and Union Square nuts this evening – I take no credit for these spicy, fragrant little bar snacks. Nigella has the good grace not to as well, but she has published the recipe

Union Square nuts

And in the event that we get a little more peckish, there are some cheese and onion pies waiting to be nibbled. A vegetarian version of the ubiquitous Australian ‘party pie,’ think hot water crust with caramelised onion, potato, cheddar, thyme and lemon zest. Nom nom nom!

cheese and onion party pies

So much food, so little time! Eat up people!


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