Rock lobster 3 ways or barbecued peach pav?

Christmas Day is yet to really kick off in the US, but here in Melbourne I’m wondering if I can legitimately sneak off to bed. Well, I have been getting up with the sun all week …

We sweltered through a 35 degree scorcher. Not great weather for eating! Fret not – we soldiered on and managed to scoff our way through:

breakfast scrolls

Tallegio (well the Tassie equivalent) and Black Forest style ham, and fruit mince and marzipan breakfast scrolls

rock lobster 3 ways

Rock lobster toast cups, grilled chorizo and lobster brochette and chilled avo and cucumber soup with, you guessed it, rock lobster

bbq peach pav

Barbecued peach and drunken raspberry pavlova with toasted almonds and freeze dried peach chips

It was all pretty damn delicious! But it’s all over for another year. I’m going to pretend to Mr Eleanor that I’m just going to finish clearing up the kitchen (ha ha ha!) and sneak up to bed. For those who are yet to have it, have a wonderful day. For the rest of us, I hope you had a good one.


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