Can I stop eating yet?

Yep, ok, I over-catered. We all knew that was going to happen. My mum thinks that not having to cook for a week after the big day is one of the joys of Christmas. However, she does usually have a hoard of marauding family inspecting every tin, cupboard, fridge and freezer like a plague of locusts. There’s just me and Mr Eleanor here. And the leftovers are causing me a bit of angst.

They are groaning in the fridge, planning ways to kill me. So far they have come up with:

  1. Leap out of fridge and smite me over the head when I open the door
  2. Jump repeatedly into my mouth until heart disease ensues
  3. Develop their own microcosm

But there’s NO WAY I’m going to throw any of it away.

We’ve done a couple of days of reheated veggies with cold cuts. Now we’re moving into the realm of ‘that’s starting to look a bit sad, perhaps I can liquidise it.’ But actually the soup made from the leftover cauliflower and broccoli gratin with some extra blue cheese this evening was DELICIOUS. We had it with a side of sausage rolls. Like you do.

The sandwiches have been epic:

leftover sandwich

(Now put it in the sandwich press … oh, yes)

I have (of course!) put plenty in the freezer. We’ve got enough ham and turkey in there for most of January. There’s not as much mushroom and roast butternut squash tart left as I thought there might be. My sis-in-law declared it ‘oh-my-god-delicious’ and ate half of it. But she was a little bit hungover – ha ha ha! The roast potatoes didn’t make it past day one – my dad taught me how to eat cold roasties out of the fridge with a smear of mayo ;P

So we’ve nearly eaten everything – my waistline is testament to that. Salad season starts on … oh, well let’s call it Monday 🙂


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