Eating myself clean

I always feel a bit toxic after Christmas. Sort of dirty on the inside. Know what I mean? The only thing that I want to eat is broccoli, lots and lots of broccoli with just a squeeze of lemon.

Mmmmm, brooooccooooliiiiii …

broccoli clipart

It’s a bit of cliché, but I’m getting CLEAN this New Year. I’ve heard about clean eating but haven’t really understood exactly what that actually means.

Cue a little light googling.

Ah, right! So, clean eating focuses on eating whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods but as with vegetarianism it seems to be all things to all people – there’s no right or wrong, you just go with what feels right for you and take it just as far as you want.

Here are some good explanations
Cooking Light
Clean Eating Australia

So what I’ve realised is that an advantage of having multiple food intolerances (advantage??!) is that they necessitate me cooking almost everything from scratch – so that ticks the ‘unprocessed’ box. Cooking from scratch keeps out those pesky preservatives and additives, including salt and sugar.

And as for whole/unrefined, I’ve found that as I’ve got older I’ve already become more drawn to the ‘brown’ version of foods – brown rice, wholegrain spelt flour, wholegrain spelt pasta. These foods suit me miles better – higher levels of fibre slow the release of sugar from the food and better keep my blood sugar on an even keel.

As an aside, it has long been my complaint than many market-targeted gluten-free foods are incredibly over processed, lacking in fibre whilst being high in sugar. It all seems so unnecessary. It’s this reason that drives me to make my own spelt bread rather than rely on the gf alternatives. (Although note that spelt DOES contain gluten but I’m wheat intolerant not coeliac and can tolerate spelt)

So this January, I’m looking forward to eating plenty of fresh vegetables, nuts and legumes, brown rice and quinoa with a little cheese, fish and chicken, and feeling all the better for it.

Addendum: Aubergine, butternut squash and French bean curry with brown rice and raita for dinner – that’s a win for clean eating!


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