Hoisin crispy duck salad

As promised in What do you mean ‘salad for dinner’? here’s some salad for dinner. This beast has SUBSTANCE: crispy duck with that deeply salty sauce, scattered with braised lentils, on a bed of cucumber, spring onion, courgette and avocado. You won’t feel hard done by, I promise.

hoisin crispy duck salad

Hoisin crispy duck salad

On a food intolerance note:

  • Hoisin sauce usually contains wheat but gf versions are available. As always, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE LABEL
  • Same goes for crispy noodles – I use Chang’s Gluten Free Fried Noodles. They have a, erm, special texture and always need refreshing in the microwave before use to make them bearable. But, beggars … choosers etc.



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