Green World

Scouring my vegetarian cook book collection this week I’ve bumped into some of those veggie dishes that once were my favourites. You know the sort: you eat them once a week without fail. And you couldn’t ever imagine not doing so. But they fell by the wayside when new and exciting dishes came along.

A lot like shoes. Or boyfriends.

Green World Cookbook by Rachel Demuth has got a tonne of such gems: green haloumi stir fry, cheddar and squash rissoles, the list goes on and on. But imagine my delight when I realised I had leftover rice in the fridge. And eggs, and smoked cheese. Vedgeree for my lunch? Oh, yes, please.


The recipe calls for an absolutely delicious tomato and papaya chutney but all I had to hand was homemade mango chutney. I also think this would be great with some sprouted lentils.

The author of this book used to run Demuths, a vegetarian restaurant in Bath. She gave it up a few years ago to focus on her cookery school (I will get there one day!) In its place stands a very reasonable substitute in Acorn.

But I miss going to Demuths. So, as a little nod to sentiment, Gourmet Nights will be Demuths for the night – menu to follow 🙂


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