Gluten free bread or gluten free polystyrene?

A quick update on gf breads in Oz

The Other Bread & Milk


I recently bought a loaf of gluten free bread that was so utterly revolting (like eating crumbly polysterene) that I immediately put the whole thing in the bin. I know! That smarted … a LOT. I should have turned it into breadcrumbs but I was having a tantrum.

Luckily for them I can’t remember which brand it was. But that also means that I might make the same mistake again. So I thought I’d do a quick round up of the gf breads available in Coles and Woolies. I know we all like to think we only shop at local, sustainable farmers’ markets but, admit it, that just ain’t true all of the time. Sometimes you just need to buy a loaf of bread in a hurry.

Coles Simply gluten free bread Coles Simply gluten free bread

There are loads of gf breads on the market these days – these are the main culprits

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