Gourmet Nights is Demuths Vegetarian Restaurant

Seasonal produce in Melbourne confuses me a little bit, and I don’t mean because of the whole Christmas is in the summer bit, etc.

  • Peas grow in the cooler months
  • That’s when you’ll also find the best fennel
  • And the plums come in in December!


These should give you an idea of the best eats by season:

So March 1st has passed, that means we’re officially in autumn and our thoughts should be turning to hearty, substantial veg with deeper flavours than their summer cousins.

Except that in Melbourne we’re in throes of an Indian summer and it’s going to be 40 degrees today. And that’s why it’s taken me so long to decide what I want to cook for the next Gourmet Night. Plus there were just so many wonderful options that I couldn’t choose.

Anyway, here’s the menu, with all credit to Green World and Green Seasons Cookbooks by Rachel Demuth. I’ll just have to hope that by 2 April, the weather has calmed down a bit.

Gourmet nights #3

gourmet nights 3




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