pão de queijo

I promised Roxanne at The Lemon and Jar I would make them and I did.

The technique was easy – a bit like making choux pastry but, good grief tapioca flour is an odd fish! Gummy is a massive understatement. I thought I’d completely screwed it up. But, lo and behold, they turned out like this!

pao de queijo


cheesy puffsThey were yum! Mr Eleanor and I decided they would be even better with jalapeno cream cheese and a beer, enjoying Melbourne summer’s very last hurrah out on the deck. And today it’s raining like the ark needs another outing.


These will definitely go on the menu for Friday night snacks and beer.

Next time, I think I might try cheddar instead of Parmesan because I think it gets a bit bitter when baked – it will also give me the option to make them truly vegetarian. And I will definitely beat the mix in the food processor to ensure a better texture – some of the balls were hollow and I think that’s cos I didn’t beat it enough. My arms were getting tired!


3 thoughts on “pão de queijo

  1. Yum these look great, Eleanor!! Good thinking with the jalapeño cream cheese- that would’ve been divine!

    Haha yeah it’s a recipe + a workout. I definitely love using my mixer for this one. Kudos to you for doing it by hand though haha. It still turned out stunning and golden.

    Take care! Roxanne.

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