Food for thought

What the hell are we doing? No, seriously, really what the fuck are we playing at?

There are so many things us humans are doing – to each other, to the planet and to its other inhabitants – that are so very wrong/immoral/cruel/selfish/just pure evil, I can’t bear to watch the news for fear of hearing what suffering we’ve inflicted today.

If you think that, as a single person, there’s nothing you can do to make the world a better place, you’re wrong.

You make informed decisions, and you do as much as YOU can – then the world is already a better place.

This is one person’s contribution to making us all better human beings by thinking about what we eat, and the implications of where it comes from, which made my heart warm a little:

food for thought vanessa kimbell
It’s just a bit of a shame (and more than a little ironic) that it’s not available as an ebook. However, you can use Look Inside to read the introduction (which is thought-provoking in itself) and if you press the Kindle tab at the top of the page, you can tell the publisher you’d like to read this as an ebook – that’s my contribution for this morning 🙂


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