Planning to eat

Ok, I’m a little bit food obsessed. But I’m speaking to a sympathetic crowd, right?

There are so many wonderfully delicious morsels of food that I have not yet had the opportunity to put in my mouth, and so few meal times left in which to do it. I mean, I might only have another 40 or 50 thousand good meals left in me.

There’s not a moment to spare! I can’t afford to waste a single day on crap, ‘it’s just a source of energy’ food. And that’s the REAL reason why I plan our weekly dinner menu with military precision. I pretend it’s so that we can write a shopping list and don’t waste either any time or any food. But we all know that’s just a ruse.

Although, to be fair, if we don’t have a weekly meal plan, 2 things happen.

  1. Mr Eleanor and I go the supermarket and wander endlessly up and down the aisles picking up random shit
  2. Each evening we assemble in the kitchen to prepare dinner and the conversation goes along the line of:

‘What do you want to eat?’
‘I don’t know, what do you want?’
‘I don’t know, what do you want?’
‘I don’t know, what do you want?’

Ad infinitum

And then we have cheese on toast.

cheese on toast

I once heard a statistic that said British families recycle the same 7 dinners over and over again, week in, week out. I can understand how for busy families that might happen, but I think I might lose my mind. And/or develop some type of malnutrition disease.

I like to think that we eat with variety and always eat something we’ve never had before, but that’s not to say that we don’t have a few rules.

  • Pilates night pasta
  • At least a couple of veggie/fish options for me
  • A night out or take away
  • Slow cook Sunday

So this week’s menu looks like this:

Monday: smoked trout* and courgette pesto / beef ragu pasta
Tuesday: hoki and scallop tacos with pineapple pepper salsa and chipotle slaw
Wednesday: grilled polenta with roasted ratatouille, fried egg and feta
Thursday: eating out
Friday: spicy pulled pork buns with pineapple slaw FRIDAY BONUS: elderflower martini
Saturday: lahmacun  and plenty of beer
Sunday: pomegranate and z’atar roasted chicken with cauli and quinoa cous cous, and tzatziki

I am looking forward to eating this week!



*Purchased at the weekend from Buxton Trout  – freakin’ delicious, wish I had bought some more.


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