DIG: Vegetarian roots & tubers

So … root vegetables. You can roast them … you can turn them into soup. You can also … er … These versatile and nutritious veg should not be condemned to life of obscurity due to a lack of resourcefulness on our part. They are soft and comforting in winter, crisp and refreshing in summer so make the most of them with my selection of easy root vegetable recipes for vegetarians.

All the recipes are simple and straightforward – no waffle, no fluff. They’ll just get you where you need to be, as quickly and easily as possible – with something delicious to eat.

parsnip, honey and rosemary cake

carrot and parsnip rösti

pear and ginger butterscotch martini

roasted Jerusalem artichoke soup

beetroot risotto

My new book, DIG: Cooking with roots and tubers, is out now!

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