Spelt vs croissants

Spelt flour is a great substitute in a lot of baking situations: scones, biscuits, pastry. In fact in all the baked goods that don’t need a strong protein structure to be developed through kneading. This is because spelt contains a different type of gluten than wheat, as less of it. In fact, the lower gluten results in a more delicate crumb and lighter texture.

croissants and pain au chocolate

But for bread products spelt can be a bit troublesome. To keep the bread moist, make sure the dough is as wet as you dare, and don’t knead it too much – the fragile glutens won’t take it and you’ll have a dry, crumbly bread.

Anyway, this week’s kitchen adventure is viennoiserie. Think:

  • Croissants
  • Pain au chocolate
  • Croissants aux amandes
  • Pain aux raisin
  • Chasson aux pomme

There doesn’t seem to be much consensus about how long croissants have been around but there are hundreds of recipes out there on the world wide internet. I used the recipe from Bake by Rachel Allen. I reckon you could probably trust Paul Hollywood too 😛

spelt croissants


These are definitely the best I’ve made. That’ll be because I followed the recipe. Who knew?