Want to invite yourself over to your neighbours’ for dinner?

Sorry TheO’s been so quiet. I’ve become totally obsessed with a new book I started writing – I’ve written half of it in a month! Yes, it’s got food in it 🙂

I did have a moment to share this from delicious. magazine with you though. When I read it, my jaw dropped. I NEED this in my life:

a) because I dream about inviting myself into my neighbours’ houses for dinner when I pass by and smell what they are cooking

b) so I can cook even more every day!


Menu Next Door – please come to Australia soon!


Sugar-free, fat-free, fun-free cake?

Oh, goddamit, I’ve got to stop baking – I’m going to develop diabetes at this rate.

But on the other hand, if there was a cake that was low fat and low sugar, that would be ok, wouldn’t it? To be honest, I’m not really asking your permission 🙂

I was doing a little research for my writing (alright, alright, I was procrastinating and surfing the internet, dreaming up things to eat) and bumped into this Maltese recipe from SBS which contains NO ADDED SUGAR OR FAT OR EGGS!

No sugar, fat or eggs? Blergh, I hear you say, but you’d be wrong.

sugarless apricot and date cake

You can find the recipe here:

SBS: Sugarless apricot and date cake

The texture was surprisingly good – I expected it to be crumbly but it wasn’t. It was soft and moist and sweet, and everything a cake should be. As a bonus it is completely dairy free and vegan, and could easily be adapted for gluten free.

Tips from TheO
  • Soak the fruit in a little apple juice for an hour before you bake to keep it moist
  • Switch out the wheat flour for a wheat/gluten free option – I used wholemeal spelt, but perhaps this is taking the concept of healthy cake a step too far
  • If you’re not using SRF, add 1.5 tsp baking powder
  • Although the recipe didn’t say so, I assumed the oven temperature should be 180°C
  • Adapt the cooking time for your tin – I didn’t have a ring tin so used a loaf tin which took 50 minutes to cook
  • Mr Eleanor found the apricot flavour a little too strong so I might try using dried mixed fruit next time, and a bit of cinnamon.

Try it, you might like it.

Carrot and parsnip rösti

The new recipes for my next book (DIG: Cooking with Roots and Tubers) are already coming on really well. I made these carrot and parsnip rösti a couple of days ago – they are great as a side at dinner, or for brunch.


Carrots and parsnips don’t have quite the starchiness of potatoes so a couple of tsp of cornflour makes them a little more compliant in the frying pan. I made the first batch with some left-over garlic butter – oh my, they were good! Next time I’m gonna try cumin and coriander, may be with some parsley. But frankly these beauties are ripe for all sorts of fusion flavours.

No need to peel the veg – there’s a win for the zero-waste kitchen! Woop!

Chocolate orange mousse … like your Mama never used to make

Love experimenting in the kitchen. You’ve got Maxine at Without Cruelty to thank for the inspiration for this one.

chocolate orange mousse

There are just 5 ingredients, of which the primary is avocado. It’s ridiculously easy, perilously quick and tastes divine. Gonna feed it to Mr Eleanor tonight and see if he can guess what’s in it. He he he he! Here’s the recipe!  Enjoy, x